Versatile Design Gutter Cover of Kansas City

Versatile Design of The Gutter Cover™ leaf guard system works with all roof types

The Gutter Cover™ leaf guard system features a unique architectural design that is low profile, streamlined and barely visible. The special design makes it completely versatile. It can be custom installed on any type of roofline from flat to very steep. We have the expertise from thousands of installations to work with any roof type from tile, slate, stone coated steel, concrete, metal, wood or composition. We know how to take care of your roof. Our installation is completely safe for the roof and will not void the roof manufacturer’s warranty.

Our representative will explain in detail how The Gutter Cover™ is installed and will work with your particular roof configuration. There is a variety of colors to match your roof/gutters. When we are finished The Gutter Cover™ leaf guard system will look beautiful on your home and provide clog free gutters guaranteed!


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