Is Your Guttering System Prepared for Heavy Rains?

rain pouring over a guttering system
during a torrential mid-summer July downpour.

We’ve Got You Covered™

Why prepare your guttering system for heavy rains? One inch of rain on an average roof = 1,260 gallons of water. Your foundation, basement, and landscaping only have one defense system: your gutters! If you haven’t had an inspection done of your gutters lately, let us help. We can identify problem areas and recommend solutions to protect your home.

If your guttering system is not prepared for heavy rains, you may face these 6 dangers:

– Flooded basements

– Foundation issues

– Rotting siding

– Soil erosion

– Mold

– Interior damage of sheet rock & water spots on the ceiling


The Scary Truth

“It only takes one handful of debris to clog a guttering system.”

– Doug Stacye Professional Gutter Consultant

Debris is a major contributor to overflowing gutters during periods of heavy rainfall, however, it could also be caused by improper sloping, undersized gutters, or undersized downspouts. Not to mention the dangers of frequently climbing on the ladder to clean out your gutters during heavy rains.

Let one of our experienced consultants evaluate your existing guttering system to help protect your home.

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Peace of Mind

When you have our patented Advantage Gutter Guard® system installed on your home, you’re taking a big step towards being prepared and protecting your home from future costly issues. It’s a gutter guard designed to handle heavy rain. Enjoy peace of mind knowing we stand behind our quality work with a lifetime warranty.

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