Say ‘Hello’ to Clog-Free Gutters

Ah yes, the perennial struggle of clogged gutters is enough to grind the last nerve of homeowners and put a stop to well-laid-out weekend plans.  

Cleaning clogged gutters seems to have no end, thanks to the relentless accumulation of tree leaves and debris.  Also, we’ve been around long enough to witness the damage that a clogged gutter system will do to your home – wood rot and a flooded basement are just some of the tragic results.

Clog Free Gutters – The Easy Way

The only way to avoid cleaning gutters is to install a gutter protection system, like Advantage Gutter Guard ®.  It’s the only system designed using our 20+ years of experience in the gutter guard industry with patented technology. 

It’s a completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum gutter guard that can handle 3x the water volume of a heavy Midwest storm.  Water defies gravity as it clings to surfaces; we used this amazing scientific principle of surface tension and developed an industry-leading gutter cover to combat the problem of clogged gutters forever. 

Advantage Gutter Guard® benefits include:

  • Clog-free gutters – Eliminates gutter cleaning and drastically reduces maintenance as well as saving you from potentially nasty falls off your ladder
  • Enhanced water flow – Allows the rainwater to flow freely through the gutter and away from the home
  • Longevity of the gutter system – When debris and water cannot stagnate, it increases the lifespan of your gutters
  • Pest control – Animals and birds cannot take up residence in your gutters. These critters can become a real nightmare for homeowners once they take root, and they should not be given any chance to move in. 
  • Cost saving – Although it’s an upfront investment, gutter guards reduce maintenance costs, gutter replacements, as well as help prevent very costly water damage. 

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When installed, the low profile creates a seamless gutter system – sleek and almost invisible, giving the ultimate CURB APPEAL. Also, our product adds to the structural integrity of your gutters and strengthens the entire system. 


Avoid damage to your home with our tips for clog-free gutters.

Tips for Clog-Free Gutters – The Hard Way


1.  Keep up with tree pruning & landscaping

The tall tree problem

Tall trees, while majestic, cast a looming presence that is anything but benign when it comes to gutter maintenance. Their stature allows them to drop foliage, twigs, and seeds directly onto your roof.

Pine trees, oak trees, maple trees, and willows are some of the main culprits behind frequent clogs.  Pine trees shed not only needles but also sticky sap which binds small and large debris to create a nice ole’ mess.  Oak trees shed their tassels rapidly, while maple trees are notorious for their helicopter-like samaras, which clog up your gutters.  

When you’ve cleaned out tree debris from your gutters a few times, you’ll soon understand why tree pruning is important for clean gutters. If you’re planting new trees choose species that are less problematic and consider planting them away from your home.

Of course, if you have a forest growing over your home, pruning them away from the gutter may be impossible, so regular gutter cleaning will be crucial to prevent clogs and water overflow. 

The tall shrub problem

And let’s not forget tall shrubs.  When situated close to the house, they drop leaves, seeds, and sometimes even berries – all small enough to enter gutters and clog up the system. Cutting back these tall shrubs 2-4 times a year will stop the issue in its tracks. 

This will also help with keeping pests away from your home and allow for the sun to dry out your home after a big rain keeping wood siding dry and less likely to rot. Shrubs are much easier to keep below the gutter line than trees.

2. Regular cleaning & gutter maintenance

Regular Cleaning

For most homeowners, cleaning gutters twice a year – once in late Spring and once in late Autumn is a baseline recommendation. However, it really depends on the type of debris you have falling and how much of it. It is not uncommon to need to clean gutters weekly in the fall or spring. It is good to remember If it is in your yard, it is most likely in your gutters too. In late spring, you’ll remove leaves, twigs, tassels, seeds, and blossoms.  In late autumn you’ll clear out accumulated debris and leaves, preparing the gutters for winter.

A good sturdy ladder with leg stabilizers, hose, spade, gloves, bucket, and refuse bags are some basic cleaning tools that you’ll need to clear the gutter system.   

Here are a few tips:

  1. Choose the right ladder. For single-story houses, use a four-legged stepladder.  Use an extension ladder for two-story homes. You will also want to invest in leg levelers for your extension ladder since most ground around the home is uneven.
  2. Never rest the ladder on your gutters. The additional weight can cause them to scratch, dent or collapse. Invest in ladder stabilizers. We use the Werner 97P ladder stabilizers, which cost between $75-$100 each online.
  3. Watch out for electrical lines.  Many homes have an above-ground electrical line attached to the home. Unfortunately, these are often only inches away from the gutter.  Check with your utility company to install an insulating rubber blanket or have your power disconnected while working in that area of your home.
  4. Wear thick work gloves to protect your hands from dirt, animal waste, sharp debris, and other hazards. Heavy rubber gloves or latex-coated gloves will provide the best protection.

For more tips see our Ladder Safety Guidelines.

Gutter Maintenance

If you encounter any problems while cleaning out your gutters such as they are too small to handle the water, or they are improperly sloped or damaged, it’s best to deal with them swiftly.  Delaying maintenance is the main cause of costly damage to your roof and foundation. These are NOT problems you want to be saddled with because tree debris, pine needles, storm damage, and erosion seemed to be minor issues at the time.

Clean your gutters out regularly and you won’t have to make stress calls to water damage clean-up crews, roofers, or foundation repair contractors. 

Of course, if the thought of doing all this maintenance and gutter cleaning has left you feeling somewhat overwhelmed, then we have another top tip that will make your day.

You can protect your home by installing the right gutter guards.  They will drastically reduce the time, money, and effort you need to put into keeping your gutters clean. Let’s explore some benefits of gutter guards together.

Save Time: Install Advantage Gutter Guard to your gutter system

Gutter guards offer real benefits, and we’ve witnessed their value over the years.  Of course, not all gutter guards are created equal, so it is vital to choose one that is proven to work.

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