Advantage Gutter Guard® and Icicles

Icicles and Your Home’s Gutters

As the cold weather progresses and precipitation begins to fall. Whether its in the form of rain, freezing rain or snow, we begin to receive calls in our office regarding icicles. 

So we’d like to say a few words to allay any fears or concerns.

Freezing rain will cause ice to form just like you see on road signs around town.  If Advantage Gutter Guard® has been installed in the last 60 days water may overrun the cover and form icicles due to the oils that adhere to Advantage Gutter Guard® during manufacturing and installation.  But once the cover has been “seasoned” the water will flow into the gutter and through the system as it should.  Advantage Gutter Guard® prevents ice from entering the gutter system. Therefore, icicles may form on the front edge of Advantage Gutter Guard®  However, remember this is protecting ice from building up in the gutters. Which could result in pulling the gutters loose or off your home altogether.

A deterrent to icicles forming is to place a commercially purchased heat cable inside the gutter.  The cable will keep the water temperature above freezing thus prohibiting the formation of icicles.

 Should any of our customers have a serious concern about icicles or any other issue, please call our office at 816-246-7881.  If you are not at present a customer of Gutter Cover of Kansas City; but are interested in learning more of the benefits of Advantage Gutter Guard®, please call our office to schedule an appointment for a free estimate.