How to Clean Gutter Guards and a Seriously Good Alternative


Homeownership is a dream for millions of people.  When the dream is realized it’s an enormous accomplishment and rightly so.  However, many homeowners underestimate the maintenance that will go into keeping the dream looking good for decades to come.   

There often seems to be a huge ‘to-do’ list when it comes to home maintenance and gutter maintenance tops that list.   

Gutter cleaning comes with its own challenges such as climbing ladders, handling tools, and cleaning out debris in hard-to-reach places.  This process is not only time-consuming but has significant risks to it. 

To solve the problems associated with leaves, pine needles, maple seeds, and oak tassels, homeowners such as yourselves, often turn to a gutter guard system as a solution to this problem.  But now what?   

Well, now the question that begs to be answered next is: ‘Do gutter guards need to be cleaned’?

The answer is yes.  Plain and simple. If it is outside it’s going to get dusty and dirty, just like your siding, deck, and patio furniture.  The key is just how much maintenance is involved and whether it solves the gutter cleaning issue or just creates more problems.

Aggravating. We understand.  

That is why we have a seriously good alternative for you to consider that will greatly reduce gutter and gutter guard maintenance. 

Advantage Gutter Guard® Warranty & Reputation

A Seriously Good Alternative to Gutter Guard Cleaning

Recognizing the challenges of cleaning gutters and gutter guards for homeowners, we developed a technologically innovative gutter guard that is aimed at seriously reducing maintenance demands. We guarantee your gutters will never clog. And as for the gutter guard, simply spraying our system down with a garden hose from time to time, and making sure any roof valleys are clear of debris is all the maintenance it requires – greatly reducing the need for high-risk, time consuming maintenance, or hiring a professional gutter cleaning service. 

It’s safe to say our gutter guard, adeptly named, ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® offers protection to your gutters, your home, and your physical health.  But don’t take our word for it.  Here are just some of the other features of our product that distinguish it from other gutter guards:

Effective Gutter Protection

The solid, nose forward design of ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® ensures that gutters remain free-flowing by completely enclosing the gutter system, unlike other guards. With its debris deflecting design, the chance of debris getting into the gutter and causing clogged gutters is just about zero.   This is a notable advantage over other gutter covers that have openings or mesh that trap tree debris like sticks, stems and whirlybirds. 

Durable Construction

ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® is engineered for strength, featuring a sturdy, heavy-gauge, aluminum construction.  This makes it rust-free and capable of handling immense water pressure.   It also resists other weather conditions such as high winds, heavy rain, heat and blizzards.  

The sturdy, heavy-duty bracket is specially designed to secure the gutter guard and gutter, tightly in place, with no roof penetration.  

Aesthetic Appeal

Our product enhances the appearance of homes because it fits flawlessly with most gutter styles, including K-style and half-round gutters.   Since it’s available in 34 colors and copper there won’t be any problem blending ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® with any roof or trim.  Whether you have tile, concrete, metal, or wood roofing, it will still deliver a perfect finish. 

Advanced Design for Rain Management

One of the greatest threats to your home is rainwater.   A typical 2000-square-foot roof must deal with 1,250 gallons of water with just a one-inch rainfall. The gutter system must efficiently channel the massive amount of water away from your home and foundation.

ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® can handle three times the volume of a heavy Kansas City rainstorm. Its effectiveness is attributed to the principles of surface tension and liquid adhesion, allowing it to work efficiently on roofs with varying pitches, from flat to very steep​.

These are some seriously good benefits for homeowners who want not only clean gutters but also want to avoid the risks of climbing up ladders.

Still not convinced?  Maybe we can help by answering some common questions about our product. 

How much does Advantage Gutter Guard® Cost?

The needs of each home are unique and so are the variables – some homes will require new 5 or 6-inch gutters or bigger downspouts, while other homes have a perfectly functioning gutter system and only need Advantage Gutter Guard®.  In addition, some homes are ranch-style load-bearing and others are two or three stories tall. We provide cost-efficient solutions for your individual gutter problems. We are happy to come to your home to provide a free no no-obligation evaluation and estimate.


Why Choose Gutter Cover KC ®?

We’ve become the highest-rated guttering protection company in Kansas City for a reason – We take care of those who trust us with their homes. We do that through having the best products and materials available in the industry, quality customer service, and rock-solid warranties. We have entire departments devoted to quality control to make sure you have the best possible experience. To assure you of that, please meet Matt Sheehan, who will oversee your installation. Or let us introduce Zach Fagan, our Quality Control Supervisor who ensures the quality of our gutter installations. Also, Debbie Zentz, our Office Manager, will make sure your needs are taken care of.

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One of our customers offered this helpful feedback on our product and services:

“After soliciting quotes and services from virtually every company in the Overland Park area, my wife and I chose Gutter Cover Kansas City as our selection for a complete gutter replacement. When our inspector, Chad Wiggins, visited our home for a quote, we knew that there was something special about this company. Rather than a quick walk-thru and generic quote, Chad spent more than an hour looking at every part of our gutter and drainage system. He provided us with a frank and honest assessment with several options to consider.”

– Gary Cole

See the top-rated gutter guard as endorsed by our satisfied customers. Watch testimonials on why our guard is the best choice.

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Don’t Have Advantage Gutter Guard® Yet and Need to Clean Your Current Gutter Guard? Following Are Some Helpful Tips: 



You’re going to need some basic tools that will make the job of cleaning your gutter guards more manageable.  Get these items together before you begin so you minimize the need for going up and down your ladder.  

Good quality garden gloves – these will protect your hands from sharp twigs, dirt and insects that may have settled in the gutter

A sturdy ladder that is the right size – for a single story you can use a 10-12 step ladder, but for a double story you will need an extended ladder of over 24 feet

Hose with a high-pressure nozzle – used for flushing out debris and mud 

Bucket and a small garden spade – helpful for collecting debris 

Soft-bristle brush – ideal for cleaning out gutters without damaging them

Don’t Neglect Your Safety

Safety during gutter maintenance cannot be overstressed. Start by choosing a ladder of appropriate height for your home. The ladder must be correctly positioned and secure before you begin your ascent. Ideally, the top of the ladder should extend at least 3 feet above the roofline for stability.

Minimize movement on the ladder to reduce the risk of falls. This is where pre-planning is essential: have all your tools within easy reach or, better yet, work with a partner who can assist with holding the ladder and passing tools as needed.

You can follow a simple but effective routine: climb up, complete one task at a time, and descend. This might seem obvious, but serious falls occur because homeowners perform too many tasks and handle multiple tools while on the ladder, causing them to lose balance and come crashing down.


Cleaning Perforated Gutter Guards: Mesh, Foam and Screen

Removing gutter guards:  If needed, carefully detach the guards being careful not to damage gutter or roof. 

Clean the gutter guard: Follow manufacturer instructions.  Some screen or mesh guards can be cleaned by brushing with a soft brush to dislodge debris and then rinsing with a hose.

Get rid of loose debris in the gutter: Use a scoop or small garden spade to remove large debris.

Drying and Reinserting: Ensure guards are dry before reinstallation to prevent mold.

Replace Damaged Guards: Inspect and replace any damaged guards to ensure effectiveness.

Non Nose-Forward Reverse-Curve-Gutter-Guard-Design -Fails-at-Keeping Debris Out

Cleaning Reverse Curve and Brush Gutter Guards

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards

Not all reverse curve systems are created equal. Many of these systems are cheap and flimsy without a nose forward design that deflects debris. If it was a DIY or handyman installed system, it may not have a warranty. Some are not completely solid on top, they might have a channel or opening that can trap debris.  If this is true you may find yourself trying to clean a system that is not easily accessible. Clean large debris that can be reached by hand such as protruding sticks and leaves and flush system with a pressure hose or jet. 

Brush Gutter Guards

Start this exercise by carefully lifting the brush guards out of the gutter. Vigorously shake the brushes to dislodge leaves, twigs, and other debris caught in the bristles. If there’s still dirt clinging to the bristles, rinse them with a garden hose. Allow the brushes to dry completely before placing them back into the gutters to prevent mold and mildew growth.

For all types of gutter guards, ensure that you test the water flow once you have done a proper clean.  This will tell you if water is flowing freely in the gutter which is the litmus test for whether the maintenance job has been done properly. 

Live the Dream and Let Us Guard Your Gutters


Whether you’re up on a ladder cleaning your gutters or your gutter guards, it makes no difference.  It presents the same challenges and since many types of  gutter guards require extensive maintenance, it may be worse than just cleaning the gutter itself. However, by choosing the best gutter guard system –  ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® – you will have a lifetime warranty guaranteeing your gutters will never clog and the easy maintenance can generally be reduced to once or twice a year with no ladder involved, giving you all the benefits discussed in this article plus more free time. 

We’ve been around 20+ years and we know the effort, time, and resources that it takes to keep your gutters clean and protect your home from water damage and other problems that come from delayed gutter maintenance.  This is the reason we designed our patented system in the first place – to prevent these problems.

Let us help you to preserve your dream home with ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD®.  It just makes sense. 

Contact us today for a free consultation.