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The best gutter guard: North Kansas City, MO

Gutter Cover KC ® takes pride in offering gutter guards to homeowners throughout the North Kansas City area and surrounds. The innovative design of Advantage Gutter Guard ® removes gutter-cleaning worries because the solid construction effectively blocks all types of debris and controls rainwater. Advantage Gutter Guard ® will also complement any home in North Kansas City aesthetically and functionally. 

Say goodbye to the days of climbing ladders to maintain your gutter system and get the peace of mind that comes with knowing your North Kansas City home is protected.


Gutter protection you can trust

Advantage Gutter Guard® has been intentionally designed to keep gutters debris-free by using the principles of surface tension. This means debris and water are carried over the gutter instead of getting lodged inside the gutters, causing rainwater to back up.

Unique Design

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is a completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum gutter guard.

Lifetime Warranty 

A permanent solution includes a Lifetime Warranty that your gutters will never clog.

Independent Review 

Third-party tested to handle 3x the WATER volume of a typical Midwest rainstorm.

Need reliable, durable gutter protections for your North Kansas City home? Contact Gutter Cover KC today for a personalized inspection and estimate. Discover our unmatched expertise, tailored remedies, and exceptional customer service, providing complete assurance for your gutter system requirements.


Advantage Gutter Guard ® is the only gutter protection you need

Our gutter guard is a permanent solution that fits all types of existing gutters and roof styles. Available in 33 colors and copper, it installs on seamless K-STYLE and HALF ROUND gutters. It also fits on gutters as small as 5 inches and as large as 8 inches. 

We have trained our installers in-house so we can take ownership of the entire installation process from start to finish. To start, our professionals do a full assessment of your existing gutters before installing our product. If your gutters, downspouts or roofing needs any work, we will discuss this with you before installing Advantage Gutter Guard®.

You can expect the following from a typical Gutter Cover Kansas City consultation:

  1. Standard Pricing Model– We have set pricing guidelines which means that you are getting the best price we offer- no haggling, no gimmicks, just one fair price for every home, every time.
  2. Highly Skilled Consultants– Our consultants aren’t salespeople; they’re guttering experts first and foremost. They take their time to do a comprehensive inspection of your home’s rainwater control system, explain any issues your guttering system may have, and then create a custom plan for your home.
  3. Digital Estimates—After the consultation, we provide digital estimates that can be reviewed and accepted at your convenience from your phone, tablet, or computer. This means there is never any pressure to buy.

“On the day of the installation, the technicians arrived precisely on time. They were polite, courteous, and professional. The job was completed with such speed, and the colors they selected matched our home so perfectly that I was shocked that they were already finished before the end of the day. The entire experience with Gutter Cover Kansas City was amazing. I cannot recommend them enough, and they will always have my thanks for a job well done.” – Gary Cole.

Common problems we’ve solved in North Kansas City

Damaged Soffit and Fascia


Most homes have a roof overhang extending from the wall of the home. When rain runs down the roof, the overhang prevents the water from running straight down your house siding. The soffit is the area underneath the overhang. Depending on the roof style, not every home has a soffit, but soffits are common in North Kansas City and surrounding areas.

When the soffit and fascia show signs of damage such as dents, cracks, water stains, holes, and missing sections, they become a breeding ground for termites. Replacing the soffit and fascia prevents termites from becoming a bigger problem in your home. Homeowners in North Kansas City have welcomed our soffit and fascia repair service, which is completed with the same rigorous workmanship as our gutter guard installations.

The right fit for seamless half-round gutters

Gutter-and-Gutter-Guard -installation-in-Kansas-City

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is patented and designed for half-round gutters too.

Gutter guards provide immense protection for a home. Gutters channel thousands of gallons of water per rainstorm to protect your home from water damage. With clogged, improperly functioning gutters, a home is susceptible to wood rot, mold, mildew, flooded basements, foundation damage, and landscaping issues.  


North Kansas City full-service gutter guard company

Not only do we provide a high-quality, innovative gutter cover solution, but we also provide other gutter services. We provide you with the peace of mind of only dealing with one company for all your guttering needs.  



Silent Spout Downspouts

Innovation brought to you by the same team responsible for Advantage Gutter Guard®. Silent Spout® is a revolutionary downspout that is dramatically quieter than the traditional noisy downspout. 

Proven to dampen downspout noise by 50%!


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With 5-star ratings on Google, FaceBook, Angi, and HomeAdvisor, the results speak for themselves. 



More reasons to choose Gutter Cover Kansas City

Warranty and Reputation

We’ve been standing behind our warranty since 2001. As the longest-running gutter protection company in North Kansas City, we have a reputation for taking care of our customers.  The full transferable warranty promises your gutters will remain clog-free and keep the water flowing. We also have a 20-year manufacturing warranty on material defects. 

best gutter guard company

A green gutter guard 

We aim to keep the environment we work in as untouched as possible. Old guttering material is recycled and new installations are made from recyclable material whenever possible. Secondary aluminum produced from recycled materials provides a 90% energy saving compared to the manufacture of primary aluminum.


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