Best Gutter Guard for Leaves: Solutions for Your Home

The fall season has officially arrived in all its glory and it’s perhaps the best time of year in Kansas City.  As the temperature cools down and makes way for spending time outside, the picturesque trees turn those familiar colors of red, gold, and orange.

Breathtaking!   But for homeowners, it signals another concern.  How will you protect your gutters from that influx of large and small debris?  How much time are you going to spend cleaning clogged gutters while everyone else is enjoying the Fall festivities?

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We’re about to tell you about the best gutter guards for leaves, freeing you up to wind down the year by doing something better than gutter cleaning.  

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Advantage Gutter Guard® Designed For All Leaves and Debris

Combining INDUSTRY LEADING TECHNOLOGY, and decades of experience working with various gutter protection designs, we have designed a low-maintenance, solid, reverse curve gutter guard that you can be confident will keep your gutters clean year-round while easily handling heavy rainfall

What design features make Advantage Gutter Guard ® long-lasting and effective?

Engineered to handle immense pressure, Advantage Gutter Guard ®  is made with sturdy, heavy-gauge, all-metal (no plastic), and rust-free construction. It is designed to hold its own in high winds, heavy rain, burning heat, and blizzards.

The sturdy, heavy-duty bracket is specially designed to secure the gutter guard and gutter, tightly in place, with no roof penetration.

Third-party tested to handle 122 lbs. of pressure per linear foot, it PROTECTS GUTTERS FROM THE WEIGHT OF ICE AND SNOW. To put that into perspective, it can support 4 feet of solid ice, or 12 feet of snow stacked on top of it.

This means that not only will Advantage Gutter Guard ® protect your home and guttering system, it will not break down and need to be replaced like foam, mesh, plastic, or flimsy metal gutter guards. Our high-quality materials provide a long-term solution.

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is designed to keep all leaves from clogging your gutter 

Whether the leaves are large or small. Since trees often shed more than just leaves, Advantage Gutter Guard® can handle it all – from pine needles, twigs, stems, acorns, sweet gum balls, ash needles, locust leaves, oak tassels to even the popular spring debris some call helicopters. You will never worry about clogged gutters again.

Advantage Gutter Guard® has been third-party tested to handle 3x the rainfall of a heavy Midwest rainstorm. Bring on the downpours! Our matchless design not only outperforms other products but also adds to the appearance of your home aesthetically! Check out our gallery.

This innovative design means protection for siding, soffits, fascia, foundations, and basements from the thousands of gallons of water that pour down your roof during storms. 

One purchase could save you thousands of dollars, but don’t just take our word for it.  You can read the testimonials of other happy customers and find out why they don’t regret purchasing our gutter guard system.

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If you are looking for more information on other types of gutter guards and why protecting your home is so important, please keep reading. Delve into our expert advice to learn about other gutter protection and why leaves making their way into your gutters should be avoided.

Why are Proven Gutter Guards the Solution?

If you’ve experienced some of these inconveniences you are not alone. In Kansas City and surrounding areas, leaf shedding brings a unique set of challenges to homeowners.  There is however a relatively simple solution to your problem and it comes in the form of gutter guards that truly work

Let’s explore why effective gutter guards are the answer:

  1.   They prevent gutters from becoming clogged in the first place 

Gutter guards act as a barrier, preventing leaves from falling into the gutter in the first place.  The leaves have no way of entering into the entire gutter system because they simply fall off the roof and onto the ground, finding no place to rest in your gutter.  

  1.   Ensures gutters are free flowing when the rain comes

Gutter guards act as a physical barrier between the gutter and debris.  This keeps the gutter clear so that rainwater can flow freely. The best gutter guard design uses the principle of surface tension to channel the water into the gutter whilst keeping out debris, helping to protect your home from water damage. 

  1.   Saves you time and keeps you safe

Time-consuming maintenance and the dangers involved with climbing up and down a ladder are primary concerns for homeowners.  When you install gutter guards that have been proven to work, you can solve both of these problems, greatly reducing maintenance and time spent on ladders. 

Keep reading below as we will discuss some options in gutter guard designs.  Educating yourself on the pros and cons of each type can give you an idea of what you need in your unique situation.

What About Other Types of Gutter Guards? Do they work for all leaves?

Let’s delve into some of the most popular gutter guards out there, and what the pros and cons are for them. This is important when it comes to protecting your home from leaves, as they come in all shapes and sizes. 

Screen, Micro-Mesh, Foam, and Reverse Curve Gutter Guards 


These gutter guards cover the open gutter and are made from non-corrosive materials like plastic, aluminum, and stainless steel micro mesh.

Screen Gutter Guards

Mesh guards, also known as screen gutter guards, consist of a metal or plastic mesh material that fits over the top of your gutters. The mesh contains small perforations or openings that are large enough to allow water to pass through but small enough to block some larger leaves, twigs, and other debris.

They are a popular choice with DIY enthusiasts because they are easy to install and budget friendly. Installing gutter guards like this is often the beginner’s choice because they provide basic level protection for gutters. 

Unless there are no trees close to a home and the leaves that blow in are larger, gutter screens are usually only a temporary fix because the openings allow debris to eventually filter into the gutter or become trapped in the holes, leading to overflowing gutters.

Gutter guards installed by professionals have an advantage over DIY gutter guards because you benefit from the expert advice that the gutter guard provider brings – often solving many other problems with your gutters.  This is where an experienced installer becomes invaluable. 

In addition, a premium gutter guard will come with a guarantee and warranty service. Advantage Gutter Guard® Warranty.

When shouldn’t you use mesh?  

Where you have a large amount of debris from surrounding trees.

mesh-gutter-filter- guard-growing-mold

Micro-mesh gutter guard

Similar in concept to screens, micro-mesh gutter guards usually consist of an aluminum or stainless steel micro-mesh attached to a uPVC frame and is attached to the top of the gutter.

A core function of these guards is the incredibly small openings in the mesh that prevent small debris from passing through. The design is to function by allowing rainwater to flow into the gutter while blocking debris from getting in. 

The problem with the design is as it filters the debris from passing through, the filter itself can slowly collect debris and become choked, not allowing water to pass through. At this point, while the gutter isn’t clogged, the micro-mesh is, and will need to be cleaned. So you’re back to searching for solutions on how to clean gutter guards.

Micro-mesh gutter guards can be a DIY project or professionally installed. Professionally installed micro-mesh brands can be some of the most expensive products on the market.

When shouldn’t you use micro-mesh?  

In areas where debris from trees can collect on the top, especially oak tassels, seeds, small debris, and sap.

An honest assessment:


Foam Gutter Guards 


Foam gutter guards are another guard for homeowners because it is easy to install and affordable.  Made from a porous sponge-like material, often polyurethane or similar. 

Available in standard sizes that can be trimmed to fit the gutter, they are suitable for DIY installation. This is the most budget-friendly option on the market. 

They have the ability to block relatively large debris from entering the gutter and the porous material allows water to pass through. If debris is large and can easily blow over, or there is not a lot of debris, they may provide protection and lower gutter maintenance. They tend to trap debris on top and do need to be cleaned once they are clogged.

When shouldn’t you use foam?  

When you have a large amount of debris fall from your trees such as seeds, pine needles, oak tassels, and small leaves.

An honest assessment:


Reverse Curve Gutter Guards 

Non Nose-Forward Reverse-Curve-Gutter-Guard-Design -Fails-at-Keeping Debris Out

Also known as surface tension gutter guards, the defining feature of a reverse curve gutter guard is that it is solid and does not rely on openings in the top for water to enter the gutter. Rather it uses surface tension to guide the water around the top and into the gutter.  With the right design, debris and leaves blow over the solid surface and therefore never reach the gutter.

 A key design is for the nose of the guard to cover the gutter, extending slightly over it, creating a nose-forward effect. The curved and smooth surface allows not only leaves but also small debris to be deflected past the gutter and fall off easily to the ground. This type of gutter guard excels at blocking twigs, leaves, water, seeds, and other materials.  

This kind of guard cleverly harnesses the natural characteristics of water bonding to a surface to force the water into the gutter, even in a heavy rainstorm.  Often, it’s the simplest solution that is most effective and so it is with reverse curve gutter guards. 

One downfall of some reverse curve gutter systems is not to have the front edge of the guard completely cover the gutter.

The nose of the guard must cover the entire gutter or some debris will fall into it, and eventually clog, causing water to spill over. This is especially true where there are many trees shedding leaves, sticks, stems, needles, petals, etc.

An honest assessment:


Hold on – Isn’t Advantage Gutter Guard ®  a Solid Reverse Curve Gutter Guard?

Yes, it is!

However, Advantage Gutter Guard ® is different from other solid gutter guards. It has been designed to cover the gutter completely using a nose-forward design. This design blocks and deflects debris away from the gutter so well that it comes with a lifetime clog-free guarantee. Engineered to use the physics of surface tension, Advantage Gutter Guard® guides the water effortlessly into the gutter even in very heavy downpours. 

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is not an all-in-one gutter and guard. So it can easily be installed on existing gutters, 5 or 6-inch gutters, and half-round gutters. It works with all types of roofing material and steep to flat roof pitches.

What is the maintenance?

Any gutter protection will require some maintenance. Some more than others. The important aspect to look for is what gutter guard requires the least maintenance and effort. If cleaning the leaf filter or leaf guard is as difficult as cleaning the gutter, then there is no real benefit.

The smooth surface of Advantage Gutter Guard® makes it easy for maintenance that can be done from the ground. Most debris will slide past the guard or blow off.

In heavily treed areas, or with specific debris such as sticky, glue-like oak tassels, there may be a collection of the tassels or other debris, sticking to the cover or in the roof valleys, especially in the spring. Simply knock this off with a long-handled broom or hose from the ground. With less debris, we recommend a yearly rinse with a hose to knock off dirt and dust.

It’s that simple, and way less work than standing on a ladder cleaning out gutters or mesh, screen, filter, brush, or foam gutter guards.

Installation of Gutter Guards – What Works?  

Professional Installation vs. DIY

Professional gutter guards have advantages over DIY. If you’re concerned about adequately protecting your home from damage that is caused by leaves in the gutter, then get the help of a professional quality gutter guard and professional installation. It is important to make sure the guard you choose comes with a written guarantee and warranty service, unlike DIY gutter guards or those installed by subcontractors who do not provide a warranty.

A warranty is only as good as the company that stands behind it. A no-clog guarantee means that if your gutters ever clog, we will remove the clog at no cost to you. Additionally, we have a 20-year manufacturing warranty on material defects. 

Advantage Gutter Guard® comes with a fully transferable lifetime performance warranty that the gutters will remain free-flowing and clog-free. As the longest-running gutter protection company in Kansas City, we’ve been standing behind our warranty since 2001.


The Gutter Cover KC® Process

Our consultations are completely free and educational. Better yet, we keep them short and sweet – plan on an hour or less.

What you get:

A thorough 21+  point inspection of your guttering system.

Our goal is to identify the source of rainwater issues. And to work together to create a custom plan to stop these problems forever. The consultant is looking for hidden causes and seeking to get to the root of the problem. No temporary bandage solutions here! We provide lasting results.

Amazingly this can all be done in an hour or less in most cases.

We’re not just selling a high-quality product; we’re rainwater professionals. Our specialty-trained team will make sure that your gutters are in top-performing condition before installing Advantage Gutter Guard®.

This means before starting any job, your guttering system will have a full diagnostic inspection. Our professionals will identify rainwater control problem areas and create a custom plan for your unique home.

This may include things like:

  • Redirecting downspouts – even installing underground drains.
  • Repairing rotten soffit and fascia
  • Replacing rusted or corroded gutters.
  • Resloping gutters
  • Our craftsmen are dedicated to providing quality service and gutter guard installation to protect your home.  

We make sure the job is done right by:

  • Constantly training and performing quality checks.
  • Teaching our team to respect your home and property.
  • Always leave the site clean.
  • Keeping our team fully licensed and insured.

Cost of Gutter Guard Systems

These cost estimates will provide homeowners with a rough idea of the costs involved with gutter guards.

These costs can vary depending on your individual needs so it is highly advisable that you get a cost estimate from an experienced provider, like Gutter Cover KC®. 

We have seen a vast range from 50 cents per foot for DIY to outrageous prices like $65.00 per foot.

Mesh or Screen Gutter Guards:

Cost Range: $4 to $15 per linear foot installed

Micro-Mesh Gutter Guards:

Cost Range: $10 to $65 per linear foot installed 

Foam Guards:

Cost Range: $1.50 to $5.00 per linear foot installed

Reverse Curve Gutter Guards:

Cost Range: $15 to $65 per linear foot 

Our recommendations for homeowners dealing with any leaves

We promised to give our expert opinion and here it is.  The best gutter guard for leaves whether they are big or small is: 

Advantage Gutter Guard® 

This option is for you if you want to make a long-term and solid investment in your home. This will help maintain its value by protecting the most important aspects of it – the foundation and the roofing. The soffit and fascia give your home a finished look but the elements can wreak havoc on the wood. Over the years, many homes have been plagued with wood rot, water stains, and peeling paint aggravated by clogged gutters but reverse curve gutter guards like Advantage Gutter Guard® protect your home, saving you time, money, and the headaches associated with foundation or basement repair.

While mesh and foam gutter guards will still need replacement and maintenance, Advantage Gutter Guard® is very low maintenance and will provide you with a product that is rust-free, stays in place, and has a lifetime warranty that your gutters will never clog. 


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Customer Experience

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Are Gutter Guards Worth It?

Tired of spending your weekends climbing up a ladder and clearing out your rain gutters?  

Do you dread the thought of having to scoop out handfuls of soggy leaves and debris? 

The solution to your maintenance woes may well be professionally installed gutter guards.

But with the ever-increasing cost of living and the state of the economy not exactly doing us any favors, many homeowners are left with the same question –

Are gutter guards worth the investment?