How the Town of Stilwell Benefits from a Gutter Cover Protection System

Although a small community, Stilwell, Kansas, has benefited from the best leaf guard protection system available in the Kansas City metropolitan area.  This leaf guard is known as Advantage Gutter Guard™. We have many installations of our gutter protection in Stilwell.  Our customers have come to know the peace of mind that their gutters are protected. Protected from water overflowing with the potential consequence of damage to their home’s exterior and foundation.  Gutter Cover of Kansas City understands the value you place on your home and thus strives to provide the best leaf guard protection and installation process.

Did You Know?
Interestingly the history of Johnson County lists Aubry-Stilwell among the lost communities of Johnson County.  The town was formerly called AUBRY.  The Missouri Pacific Railroad had planned to run its tracks through Aubry, but due to the surrounding “hilly terrain,” the railroad was moved one-half mile east of Aubry.  So the citizens relocated and thereafter, the town became known as Stilwell.

There are a lot of gutter systems on the market today. It is easy to feel “lost” trying to find the one best for your home. You can rest assured you have found the best when you choose Advantage Gutter Guard®.


What makes the Advantage Gutter Guard® unique?

Unlike typical guards that rely on holes or mesh to filter water into the gutters, the Advantage Gutter Guard® employs a reverse curve or surface tension guard system. This design uses the physical principle of surface tension to allow water to flow seamlessly into the gutters while directing leaves and other debris to simply slide off. The guard’s structure is completely solid and strategically angled to maximize this effect, ensuring that water adheres to the gutter guard, defying gravity, and then flows into the gutter, regardless of the intensity of the rainfall.

The Advantage Gutter Guard® promises exceptional performance and comes with a lifetime guarantee. This commitment to quality and customer satisfaction sets the Advantage Gutter Guard® apart as a leading choice in gutter protection.

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Gutter Cover KC – A company you can rely on

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Gutter Cover KC has cemented its reputation as a reliable service provider through over two decades of dedicated service and a strong focus on customer satisfaction. Our comprehensive 21-point inspections not only identify potential issues but also educate homeowners on ways to prevent future damage, ensuring their gutter systems are optimally functioning and protected.Our team of gutter guard installers are continuously trained to deliver exceptional service, providing clean and unobstructed gutters all year round. Moreover, we believe in transparent pricing, avoiding sales pressure and offering attractive financing options.

In conclusion, we recommend that you no longer hassle with climbing a ladder and cleaning out the gutters several times a year.  Spend your time with family and friends enjoying the amenities and events of the Kansas City metro. To receive an estimate for Advantage Gutter Guard®, please call our office at 816-246-7881 to make an appointment.

FAQs – Stilwell Gutter Covers

Can Advantage Gutter Guards be installed on existing gutters?

Yes, our gutter cover system, Advantage Gutter Guard® can typically be installed on existing gutters that pass our inspection. 

Is the Advantage Gutter Guard System suitable for all roof types?

Advantage Gutter Guard® boasts a versatile, patented design that suits all roof types, even steep pitches. With our unique bracket system, installation requires NO ROOF PENETRATION, ensuring your roof and warranty remain intact. Whether your roof is architectural composition, tile, slate, stone-coated steel, concrete, metal, or wood shake, our installation process accommodates all materials seamlessly.

Does Gutter Cover KC offer other gutter services?

Absolutely; we also offer seamless gutters (including half round and copper), soffit & fascia repair, gutter replacements, underground drains and wood rot repair. We’ve been serving Kansas City for over 20 years and are happy to assist our Stilwell clients with all their guttering needs.



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