The Best Leaf Guard for Homes in Mission

The best leaf guard for homes in Mission is Advantage Gutter Guard™.  Comprised of houses of various designs sitting on large lots with an abundance of trees, homeowners see the need for a leaf guard cover to protect their gutters from filling up with leaves and other debris.  Mission maintains a small town atmosphere while at the same time enjoying the perks of being part of the Kansas City Metropolitan area.  Did you know an Indian mission was established in 1829 at the town’s site and that’s how Mission got its name?

Gutter Cover of Kansas City plays a vital role in helping the residents of Mission to keep water where it belongs. We accomplish this by means of our patented leaf guard system.  By installing Advantage Gutter Guard™ a homeowner is protected.  No more climbing ladders several times a year to clean out the gutters; to help preventing water from entering the home due to overflowing gutters.  As a result there is one less chore to take care of and more time to spend with the family. Maybe to pursue other interests such as The Barn Players.

The unique design of our leaf protection system will protect your home for a lifetime.  Call for a free estimate that includes a 23-point inspection of your gutter system.  Our friendly estimators will provide a hassle-free quote and answer any questions you may have.  To make an appointment please call our office at 816-246-7881.  We look forward to hearing from you!