Spanish Tile With Gutter Leaf Protection Installation

Gutter Guard install on home with Spanish tile roof in Kansas City, Kansas.


gutter guards on tile roof


Spanish tile roofs are known for their eye-catching beauty. Not as common as composition roofs in Kansas City, they stand out with uniqueness.

According to  Home Advisor;

Spanish Tile – The Spanish tiles look like rows on undulating waves with wide water courses between the tiles. They are most often found in places where, while rain may be infrequent, it’s often heavy. These “gully-washers” can make quick work of lesser materials as they saturate dried and porous materials. Clay, terracotta, and concrete, however, can weather these infrequent but intense assaults well. Average cost: $2.00 to $4.00 per square foot.

In addition to their beauty, tile roofs are extremely durable, lasting for centuries in some cases. Whether made of fired clay or concrete, individual tiles are often molded in a barrel shape, and reinforcing their strength is tile roofing’s interlocking mode of installation, as stated on Bob Vila’s website.

This particular job for us consisted of installing gutter protection on a beautiful home me with tile roof. We also installed new fascia wrap and new six inch gutter.

According to Zach our service technician, “Generally if the fascia is slanted or has crown molding on it, we will use wedges to straighten out the gutter. Not real common on anything built after the 40’s or so. But it was all the rage at the turn of the century into the 20’s.”

Below are a few photos of the job.


slanted fascia install on spanish tile roof    spanish tile roof with slanted fascia beautiful spanish tile roof




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