Gutter Cover KC Sale – Celebrating Winter 2021

Why Is This Gutter Cover Sale Historic?

Historically, Gutter Cover KC rarely promotes sales or discounts. The reason for this is that we start with a fair price. Thus saving you frustrating negotiations, and the fear that you could’ve had a better deal. 

Why Do We Take this Approach? 

We actually believe in a ‘win-win’ situation for both our customers and our business. 

The Wins for You

  • Peace-of-Mind: Whether you’re a professional negotiator or always accept the price as is, with Gutter Cover KC you can know that you were given the very best price to start.
  • Reliability: Our price is set so that you get a great deal, and our company has enough revenue to improve and grow. This means, Gutter Cover KC as a company will be there for you when you need them.
  • The Best Customer Service: Happy people are productive workers. When our employees are paid fairly, they are dedicated to their work. That means they genuinely care that you get an excellent experience with Gutter Cover KC.

The Wins for us are the same as yours. We are proud to have a reliable, growing company that has happy, dedicated workers whose focus is to provide peace-of-mind to our customers. 

Why Offer A Gutter Cover Sale Now?

2020 was a hard year for everyone around the globe. As a local KC company that manufactures and installs Advantage Gutter Guard® we wanted to thank the Kansas City community for helping us and our employees stay working this past year. This special sale is a small token of our gratitude for a successful 2020. 

It is our wish to make 2021 – our 20th year in business – a strong one in which we can expand our team of professionals and protect more homes in Kansas City than ever before.

Why Take Advantage of The Gutter Cover Winter Sale?

1) This Doesn’t Happen Very Often

As mentioned, we rarely promote discounts. We find that people appreciate the best price up front – no games or inflated prices. We have no intention of changing our approach. 

If you are considering investing in a long-term solution for your guttering system, now is the best possible time to act!

2) Quicker Installation

Buying Advantage Gutter Guard® during our slower season means that our installation crews can get to your home quicker. This means your gutters will be protected long before the heavy spring rains that flood basements and undermine foundations.                 

Waiting until the spring – one of our busiest seasons – means that your gutters will likely have to weather the Spring before your Advantage Gutter Guard® can be installed. 

3) Advantage Gutter Guard® Protects Your Home

Winter weather can reveal the underlying issues your gutters have been struggling with all year. Many people have discovered this the hard way: waking up to find that their gutters have been pulled off their home. 

This doesn’t need to be your experience.

Gutter Cover Kansas City professionals will be happy to meet with you and inspect your guttering system. They will identify potential problems and find necessary solutions.

One solution is the Advantage Gutter Guard® which will protect your gutters from the stresses that winter weather imposes.

Gutter Cover KC’s gutter protection system – Advantage Gutter Guard®, is truly an asset for any home during every season of the year protecting it from clogged, poorly functioning gutters that lead to:

    1. Foundation damage
    2. Flooded basements
    3. Mold and mildew
    4. Rotten siding and fascia
    5. Water spots and damage on ceilings
    6. Landscape damage

These are serious problems that can be very costly in both time and money to repair. Having a properly functioning, low-maintenance guttering system is a worthwhile investment that saves money and headache for years to come. 

How to Take Advantage of This Historic Gutter Cover Sale

This is easy. Simply request an estimate by either clicking this link and filling out the form, or giving Gutter Cover KC a call at 816-246-7881.

We are an honest company focused on solutions for your guttering problems. We have a low-pressure sales team that has the goal of educating you on your unique guttering system so you can make the best decisions for your home.

During the pandemic we are taking extra precautions to make sure both our customers and our team stay healthy.  Learn more about our safety precautions.

We look forward to helping you solve and prevent guttering problems for your home.