Gutter Guards Available in Lawrence

Searching for a quality, knowledgeable gutter guard service in Lawrence? The Gutter Cover of Kansas City offers the best solution to your clogged gutter issues. Home of the Jayhawks, Lawrence, Kansas offers a rich and fascinating history. In addition, a wide range of exciting cultural experiences can be found around town. Of course, Lawrence is known for nationally recognized educational institutions. Also, residents enjoy some of the most unique and enjoyable shopping opportunities in the Midwest. The city abounds with things to experience and offer to its residents. While still maintaining a strong sense of community, Lawrence is a diverse city. Residents enjoy many of the amenities of a large metropolitan area.

Gutter Cover of Kansas City is proud to be a top provider of gutter guard services in Lawrence. Would you like to experience the amazing feeling of never cleaning your gutters again? The City of Lawrence can be said to be a wet city with an estimated annual average precipitation of 37”! Consequently, clogged, overflowing gutters are a constant problem for homeowners. The purpose of Advantage Gutter Guard™ is to direct all 37” of water safely away from your home. In addition, there are no openings in our solid design to catch and trap leaves, twigs, helicopters and oak tassels. Simply put, gutters remain clog free. A lifetime guarantee is provided.

How does Advantage Gutter Guard™ work on Lawrence homes?

Surface tension is a principle of physics that explains how water clings to a surface. Interestingly, gutter guard products have been successfully using this principle for over 35 years. The patented design of Advantage Gutter Guard™ employs surface tension, forcing the water to cling to the surface of the gutter guard. Additionally, the design directs water safely around the front edge of the guard and into the gutter. Especially relevant is even the heaviest rainfall slides safely into the gutter and away from the house.

Finally, spend your precious free time enjoying the City of Lawrence with your family or friends, rather than fussing over the constant chore of cleaning out your gutters. Please give us a call and our friendly, brief, estimators we will help you find the best solution for your home. 816-246-7881.