Westwood is known for its close-knit community and family-friendly environment. The scenic beauty of the area comes from the many homes that boast beautiful and mature trees, which enhance the neighborhood’s appeal. However, they are also responsible for a large amount of tree debris, making a gutter protection system essential. 

We have developed a unique and innovative product that will not only help you get rid of clogged gutters but also match the beauty of your home’s architectural style.

Key Benefits of Advantage Gutter Guards For Westwood KS Homeowners:

Diverse Styles and Aesthetic Appeal: Available in 33 colors and copper, Advantage Gutter Guard® perfectly complements your home. Your home’s exterior is a huge component of its aesthetic appeal, and we get that. Our answer to clog free gutters is functional and complements homes in Kansas City.

The Ultimate in Gutter Protection: Our technologically advanced product is made from heavy-gauge aluminum or copper. This provides the strength you need to defend your home from tree debris, heavy rainfall and snow storms. If you want superior protection, you can find it with Advantage Gutter Guard®.

Our priority is customer satisfaction: We’ve been around for +20 years, holding the customer satisfaction flag high. We have earned a 5-star reputation and delighted thousands of customers in Kansas City, MO,  and surrounding areas. 

Comprehensive Consultation with Experts: Our consultants do a 21-point inspection to identify underlying gutter, downspout and drainage problems. With this we deliver a comprehensive solution for protecting your home for years to come. 

Transparent Pricing: We offer upfront pricing, avoiding sales pressure, and provide attractive financing options.

Lifetime Guarantee: Advantage Gutter Guard® promises a lifetime of protection with no-clogging. 

Ready To See For Yourself?


Gutter problems unique to Westwood, KS

gutter tips in kansas city for example trees growing in gutters- how to avoid them

Insufficient protection against tree debris

Given the mature and dense tree cover in the Westwood area, gutter clogging is a significant problem. As a Westwood resident, you know the frustration of Maple tree leaves and seeds, pine needles, and acorns accumulating in downspouts and the sticky mess created by smaller debris and tree sap. 

Plastic, brush, and foam leaf guards just don’t seem to be effective in combating this problem and homeowners spend too much time trying to clean gutters.

The ONLY way around this problem (short of getting rid of all the trees, which doesn’t seem like an option at all) is to get a gutter guard that keeps the debris out and rids you of time consuming maintenance. 

To accomplish this, we install our premium product, Advantage Gutter Guard®. This product is solid, so it keeps the leaves and other tree debris out of your gutter system. It also keeps the water flowing into the gutters using the principle of surface tension, so it can flow through your gutters and away from your home.  

damage gutter by clogs- get our winter special for a solution

Gutter sagging and structural damage

The weight of accumulated debris and standing water causes gutters to sag and detach from the house, causing structural damage. 

The problem is due to heavy rainfalls and snow storms that bring a constant challenge to the integrity of guttering systems. 

We solve this by installing new seamless gutters, if necessary, which are made from aluminum, copper or galvalume and attached with sturdy brackets to prevent sagging and damage, even in the worst conditions. We also install Advantage Gutter Guard® to further protect your home from heavy rainfall. Not only does this save the exterior of the home from damage, but it also prevents homeowners from climbing ladders to do repairs and gutter maintenance.

Testimonials from satisfied Westwood clients

D. Hudacek, Mission Hills, KS

“Another great job by Gutter Cover for us! Met the scheduled date, worked well with other sub-contractors on-site, did an excellent job on the installation, cleaned up after themselves and completed on time! Thanks!”

J. Martin, Mission Woods, KS

“Exceeded my expectations – all the way around – quality, workmanship, customer service, product. Both contractor and sub answered all questions. I have already recommended to my friends and family.”

J. King, Mission, KS

“We have Gutter Cover on our other house and have been very pleased with them and follow-up services.”

See our customer testimonials on why ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® IS THE TOP-RATED GUTTER GUARD IN KANSAS CITY. Join our customers in improving your home’s defense with superior leaf guard protection. Say goodbye to clogs and hello to lasting peace of mind.


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Strong Gutter Guard To Handle KC Weather and snow

Advantage Gutter Guard System – Ideal For Westwood, KS 

Heavy rainfall is no match for Advantage Gutter Guard®. It can handle over 3x the volume of a typical Mid-Western rainstorm, and using the principle of surface tension, it effectively guides the water into the gutter. If you’ve ever split water on a kitchen counter and watched it flow neatly off the countertop by hugging the surface and then running down your kitchen cupboards, you know what surface tension looks like.

You don’t need to worry about snow and ice dams because Advantage Gutter Guard® is a solid gutter guard built to last. Built with aluminum or copper our product is strong, durable and long-lasting. Third-party tested to handle 122 lbs. of pressure per linear foot, it holds its weight against snow, ice, and rain every time. 

Meet Our Westwood Team 


Our installation teams are trained, qualified and fully licensed professionals. They have gained years of experience by installing Advantage Gutter Guard® on hundreds of homes. They have perfected our 9-step installation process into a fine art and are committed to leaving all our customers completely satisfied with their work.

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FAQS for Gutter Guards in Westwood, KS

Can Gutter Cover KC do installations in Westwood?

Gutter Cover KC’s head office is based in Lees Summit MO, but our installers are based in various cities around Kansas & Missouri. We will give you a free estimate by coming to your home and conducting an assessment. You are under no obligation or pressure to accept the quote but we’ll do everything we can to help you understand the unique needs of your home. We feel that once you understand that, you will make the best choices for your home.  

What kind of maintenance will be involved with Advantage Gutter Guard®?

Advantage Gutter Guard® is technologically designed to keep debris out and keep water flowing into your gutter. This will significantly reduce your gutter maintenance. Most of our homeowners use a water hose once or twice a year to spray off the outside of their gutters and guards. This keeps them working optimally and looking great! If your gutters ever do clog after installation (very unlikely), you can use your lifetime warranty, and we’ll clean them out for you and fix the issue that caused the clog, free of charge.

How much will gutter guards cost on my Westwood home?

We have to be honest: until we do a full evaluation of your home, we just don’t know. What we can tell you is this: The value you receive will outweigh the cost. You will receive an honest price upfront and in a timely manner. We know our product is essential for many homes, so we keep our prices fair. We also offer great financing options, including 0% interest for 18 months.

Gutter Cover KC® services the entire Kansas City Metro including cities near Westwood, KS.