Gutter Covers That Work By Neil Smith – KC CHIEF’s Hall-of-Famer

Gutter Cover Kansas City™ Provides A Gutter Guard That Works.

Advantage Gutter Guard® works for all seasons and debris Kansas City weather throws at it. Whether it’s fall leaves, spring whirlybirds, acorns, bird nests, pine cones, oak tassels, and of course the KC thunderstorms that can drop a large amount of rain quickly; Our gutter guard has you covered year around.

Are You Ready For The Fall Season?

The KC Chiefs just got started with their first preseason game this past weekend. And we wish them nothing but the best for the 2022 season.

We were honored to get to work with Chief’s Hall of Famer Neil Smith.

KC Chief Hall of Famer, Neil Smith Highly Recommends Gutter Cover Kansas City™.

He personally inspected his gutters and gutter covers during a storm and found that since there was no debris in his gutters the water drained properly and away from his foundation. He likes that the installation process was fast and efficient. He’s glad there are no more ladders, and his gutter covers do all the work!

We want to thank Neil Smith so much for his time and all the kind words he said about our company. He shared so much with us, that we were sad to have to keep it to 30 seconds. We really appreciate all of it and will treasure all of his expressions, because we know that Neil Smith knows peak performance when he sees it.

Fall Season Is Right Around the Corner…Are You Ready For Some GUTTER CLEANING?

A Gutter Cover that works for fall leaves installed on home surrounded by trees

With football beginning, school starting, and all the stores bringing out the fall decor; it looks like KC is ready for things to start cooling down. But in addition to all the wonderful things about Fall…there’s also falling leaves AKA raking and gutter cleaning.

What is the Best Leaf Guard For Fall?

Fall is the season most of us start thinking about gutter guards. Each homeowner might meet with different types of debris. So whether your Fall involves lots of leaves, sticks, pine needles, pine cones, acorns, or all of the above, you need a gutter guard that will resolve your guttering issues.

If you are like many other KC homeowners and are tired of climbing the ladder to clean out the leaves from your gutters and you want to save your time for watching the chiefs win we have a solution for you. Advantage Gutter Guard® comes with a lifetime warranty that your gutters will remain clog-free. We also will clean your gutters prior to installing the guard on them.

Our gutter guard is worth it; a completely solid leaf guard from a well-established reputable KC company. We have a history of backing our warranty, training installers, and a history of excellent customer service.

Looking for a formula to calculate price per foot gutter guard cost for your home? See our blog on gutter guard cost.

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is the best leaf guard for Fall. It ticks all the boxes:

If you are considering preparing to clean your gutters this fall make sure to check out our blog on cleaning gutters safely. And remember we provide free no hassle estimates for the entire Chiefs Kingdom; including the KC Metro, Topeka, Columbia, MO, and Saint Joseph, MO.