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Richmond, nestled in the Kansas City area, experiences weather changes that would challenge the best gutter system. From falling leaves in autumn to melting snow in spring, frequent gutter cleaning is always on the to-do list of homeowners.

For the average homeowner, installing gutter guards is not just a convenience but a necessity.  Enter Advantage Gutter Guard ®, our innovative gutter guard worth every dollar you invest in it. It’s Richmond’s #1 gutter guard and here’s why:

Richmond Leaf Guard Customized For Your Home

Advantage Gutter Guard® is built for Richmond residential gutters. Its mission is to protect your home in all weather patterns in the area and look good on any architectural style.

Offering 33 colors, including copper, it blends seamlessly with any roof or trim and complements any roof type.  Whether you have a tile, concrete, metal, or wood roof – our gutter system maintains the beauty of your home. 

Have K-style and half-round gutters? No problem. Our professional gutter guard system not only significantly reduces gutter maintenance but is installed by experienced professionals who know how to match your home’s aesthetics with the right product.   

Richmond Gutter Guard For Outstanding Debris Management

Our product keeps your gutters clean because it has a unique nose-forward design that uses surface tension to its advantage. This innovative design allows water to flow freely because it keeps debris away from the gutter. 

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Evaluation of Your Home by Experts

With over 20+ years of experience in Kansas City and surrounding areas, we understand the unique challenges of living in an area like Richmond. 

A consultant will come to your home and provide you with solid advice on what your home needs in terms of rainwater control. It’s not just about installing a gutter guard system, it’s identifying and helping you understand the needs of your entire gutter system. A gutter cover may just be one part of the solution you need.

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Transparent Gutter Guard Pricing

We offer straightforward pricing and free quotes so you will always know what you are paying for. We also provide our Richmond customers with the option of financing their gutter guard system at 0% interest for 18 months. 


Three reasons why Advantage Gutter Guard ® is the only gutter guard you need

Unique Design

Advantage Gutter Guard ® is a completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum gutter guard.

Lifetime Warranty 

A permanent solution includes a Lifetime Warranty that your gutters will never clog.

Independent Review 

Third-party tested to handle 3 times the WATER volume of a typical Midwest rainstorm.



With 5-star ratings on Google, FaceBook, Angi, and HomeAdvisor, the results speak for themselves. 

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Stop worrying about clogged gutters causing, water leaks, mold, and foundation problems today.  

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Solve your gutter clogging problems with Advantage Gutter Guard ®

overflowing clogged gutter

Trees in Richmond, such as maple, oak, and pine trees, shed large amounts of debris which clog gutters. Whether you’re dealing with helicopter seeds, acorns, oak tassels, or twigs and leaves from these trees, our solid gutter guard will keep your gutter installation free of significant clogs that cause water damage to your home. 


Undersized gutters

Seamless Half-Round Gutters by Gutter Cover Kansas City

In Richmond, where heavy downpours are not uncommon, and along with tree debris, this can be a real challenge for incorrectly sized gutters. We assess your home’s requirements, considering roof dimensions to ensure our gutter cover efficiently manages water flow.

cracks in basement due to flooding

Basement water damage

Richmond rain is anything but average and we know all about the sinking feeling you get as you realize that lack of gutter maintenance has caused water to pool around the foundations and leak into the basement. Even if you make an insurance claim and it’s successful, the entire process is stressful for you and puts a strain on your finances.  

Prevent this from happening by dealing with the source of the problem. You need a strong, solid gutter cover that fits with your home and has a lifetime warranty to not clog.  You need Advantage Gutter Guard ®.


End gutter clogging problems today with Advantage Gutter Guard ®.




R. Siegel, Excelsior Springs, MO,

Best investment i made in my house do not have to worry about climbing on ladders anymore and they look great

V. McClurg, Liberty, MO,

Gutter cover was the best gutter covering company that I dealt with. Good price, very friendly people to deal with, keep their word, the product looks amazing and durable.
Just an awesome company.
Very satisfied.

R. Boyles, Liberty, MO

“Every aspect of the project proceeded as promised. The sales presentation was educational and the estimate provided viable alternative solutions to solve our problem. It was a pleasure to have Cliff and Tom, the installers, on the job. Their attention to detail and their pride in their work was evident. The appearance of the house is dramatically improved and we optimistically wait for our next rain to test the system.”


Richmond Services and Products


We’ve Got You Covered™

We see your home as a sanctuary that deserves care and protection. For our Richmond customers, we can help protect your home from the ground up. Pairing Advantage Gutter Guard® with these other products, tailored to preserve your home’s beauty and integrity against the challenges of heavy rain and tree debris. 

Get peace of mind in every season. 

Underground drain installation

An underground drain is a pipe that connects to the end of your downspout and then disappears underground, carrying damaging rainwater far away from your home. Prevention of water damage to your foundation requires that your rainwater drainage system operates effectively, from beginning to end, making underground drains an effective solution.

Underground drains help prevent water from seeping into basements or crawl spaces by directing water away from the foundation.

Consistent water accumulation around a foundation can lead to soil erosion and weakening of the foundation. Underground drains help maintain the soil’s integrity by preventing water from pooling around the foundation.

Soffit and Fascia repair

We won’t walk away from a gutter guard installation without ensuring your home looks great. This is why we also offer soffit and fascia repair. Then the Advantage Gutter Guard ® will contribute to protecting the wood around the roofline in the future, discouraging wood rot from occurring again.

Wood rot repair

Over the years, we’ve noticed that homeowners need this service and went to work on an innovative process in which we prime cedar fascia and the matching soffit material in our climate-controlled shop so the primer cures completely before installation. 

Our skilled technicians will ensure that the repair stands the test of time because they bring many years of experience to this work. 


Gutter Cover Kansas City – your one-stop solution for gutter guards, wood repair, and gutter/downspouts



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