What is the Best Gutter Guard for Raymore, Missouri?

Many homeowners in Raymore, Missouri, know the best leaf guard available is Advantage Gutter Guard®. Why? Because it has been successfully protecting Raymore gutters for over 20 years.

Unique Design Feature: The nose forward design of Advantage Gutter Guard® is engineered to work with the scientific principle of SURFACE TENSION. Thus, water naturally clings to the surface of the cover and flows effortlessly into the gutter.  While handling even heavy rain flow, the solid surface keeps debris out. The system will not clog and that is a guarantee.

Complements the beauty of your home: With its low-profile design and a variety of colors to match the home, our gutter protection adds a beautiful, finished appearance to the roofline and gutter system. In fact, it looks almost invisible.

Reinforces your existing gutters: This patented bracket leaf guard system will reinforce and STRENGTHEN the gutters helping them stay in place despite snow and ice. The cover will work on any type of roof – composition, tile, metal, etc.

Advantage Gutter Guard® Warranty & Reputation

The Advantage Gutter Guard® leaf guard system can help keep Raymore homeowners off a dangerous ladder. 

Certainly, properly maintaining gutters requires CLEANING them out several times a year. This chore can be time-consuming, dirty, and potentially dangerous, as it requires working from a ladder. However, it is essential to protect your home from overflowing gutters that can damage the exterior of your home and cause foundation issues. Thankfully, gutter cleaning can be a thing of the past when you install our guaranteed leaf guard system. You will enjoy peace of mind knowing water is flowing through the gutters as it should and you are safe on the ground.

Best gutter guard installers for Raymore

Please give us a call at Gutter Cover Kansas City®, 816-246-7881, to make an appointment for an estimate. The estimate is free and includes a 21-point evaluation of your gutter system. 

Ready To See For Yourself?

Testimonials from satisfied Raymore clients

P. Schneider, Raymore, MO

“Our salesperson, Craig was extremely courteous and personable. Good follow-up; made sure that he explained the product, warranty thoroughly. Matt did a great job answering any questions I had during installation. He seems to be a great guy to work with and an asset to your company.”

P. Baumann, Belton

“Very happy with a job well done. The technician was very friendly, on time and very knowledgeable. Very happy with the Results and will highly recommend.”

P. Polyak, Belton,

“The service by your team was excellent. We would and have recommended your company for the excellent customer service and workmanship.”


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See our customer testimonials on why ADVANTAGE GUTTER GUARD® IS THE TOP-RATED GUTTER GUARD IN KANSAS CITY. Join our customers in improving your home’s defense with superior leaf guard protection. Say goodbye to clogs and hello to lasting peace of mind.

Gutter Problems Unique To Raymore


Inadequate gutter guard system

We often see mesh guards, micro-mesh guards and foam guards being used to control gutter debris in Raymore. They do catch debris and can provide relief from maintenance to some degree, but it’s not the best solution. Why? 

There are several factors. Gutter issues can be compounded when smaller debris, pine needles, mildew growth and mold accumulate on the leaf guard. The gutters become clogged and now you have to climb a ladder and clean up not only the gutter but also the gutter guard. 

Gutter Cover KC® solves these problems by removing existing gutter guards and installing our product, Advantage Gutter Guard®, a solid-gauge aluminum guard. Using the principle of surface tension, water flows directly into the gutter, and because it’s not a sponge or brush system, debris cannot enter and cause clogs. Because it’s not a mesh, small debris like roof granules, whirly birds and pine needles don’t clog the small holes. It is a sound investment with a lifetime no-clog warranty.  

Other gutter guard companies do not have the unique and innovative design that our product has because we have patented technology and our design was specifically developed to address the needs of homeowners in Raymore, MO and the greater Kansas City. 

Full List of Products For Our Raymore Clients

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FAQS for Gutter Guards in Raymore

Why are seamless gutters best for Raymore homes?

Seamless gutters, also known as continuous gutters, are manufactured from a single piece of material (aluminum, copper or steel). They do not have joints or seams, except where required at the corners, and this makes it an ideal gutter installation. Installing gutter guards adds a double layer of strength to seamless gutter guards ensuring your home is protected from heavy rainfall and snow storms because the gutter does not crack at the joints. 

What gutter services does Gutter Cover KC® offer in Raymore, MO?

We assess your current gutters systems to understand what you need to protect your home now and into the future. Then we make recommendations based on our findings. We offer gutter replacement, gutter repair (at a minimum charge), silent downspouts and water drainage services providing a full gutter service to Raymore customers. 

What is Gutter Cover KC®’s process for installing gutter guards?

With more than twenty years of experience providing gutter services in Kansas, we have perfected a nine-step installation process. We first properly check your existing gutter systems and then begin our work, ensuring that we protect your home and the environment while we work. Once the work is complete, we perform a quality inspection to ensure that water is flowing freely through the gutter. 

What is the difference between Advantage Gutter Guard® and other leaf guards?

When you install gutter guards, you expect that your gutter cleaning problems will be minimized, right? Over the years, we have found the opposite in many or even most cases. Foam guards, brush guards, and screen guards can work but can also be the cause of overflowing gutters. These leaf guards can become overwhelmed with tree debris getting stuck in the leaf guard. Combined with tree sap which is sticky, your leaf guard can start to work against you and, instead of catching debris, will increase the problem and your maintenance. But Advantage Gutter Guard® is a solid-gauge gutter guard that allows water in and keeps debris out, and requires very little maintenance. For most of the homeowners we’ve served, just a spray with a garden hose once or twice a year to keep the outside clean is all that’s recommended.