Beautiful Homes in Lake Lotawana need a gutter guard that works!

Lake Lotawana residents can protect their investment with a gutter guard that works. Certainly, gorgeous trees add to the ambiance of Lake Lotawana. However, the abundance of trees leads to an overabundance of leaves, sticks, tassels, pine needles and helicopters. As a result, gutters are constantly full. Clogged, overflowing gutters cause thousands in damage to homes. Wet basements, foundation repair, wood rot, and mold are very serious, expensive issues.  Taking care of guttering is one of the most cost-effective maintenance items homeowners can do for their homes.

What gutter guard will work for homes in Lake Lotawana?

Definitely not all gutter guards are created equally.  Because most fail, homeowners may feel no gutter guards work. However, we have been successfully protecting homes in the greater Kansas City Metro for more than fifteen years.  We have found Advantage Gutter Guard™ is a proven gutter guard. Notably, it has helped us solve clogged gutter issues for thousands of homeowners.

As important as a great product that works, is the company that guarantees it. We want to solve your problems not just slap on a temporary fix.  Our estimators look at your gutters to see if they are in good repair and functioning correctly.  First we provide solutions to those issues, then we provide permanent gutter protection. Because our technicians are skilled, they know how to correct your guttering issues and take care of your home. Ask your neighbors, who have Advantage Gutter Guard™ installed on their homes, if they are happy. We feel confident they will say yes! Also, please check our reviews, our reputation is a company who cares about our customers.

If you are ready to have more time to spend on beautiful Lake Lotawana, are tired of being on a dangerous ladder, or just want peace of mind your gutters are not damaging your home, please give us a call for a brief, no pressure, free estimate.  816-246-7881.