Lake Lotawana Gutter Guard

So you’re looking for a gutter guard? Great idea! Malfunctioning gutters aren’t just a pain to clean but can cause some serious structural damage to the home, but, where do you start? There are gutter screens, mesh filters, and solid covers. Which cover is best for homes in the Lake Lotawana area? While gutter screens and mesh filters work for a while, they themselves get clogged. It’s similar to a basket strainer that you put in your kitchen sink to keep food from clogging your sink. Yes, it keeps food from going down your drain, but then you have to empty the strainer because IT gets clogged with food. Plus, these cover options let smaller debris through such as seeds and you end up with baby trees poking through your gutters. Not cool!

Gutter Cover KC® for Lake Lotawana Homes:

Tailored Gutter Solutions: Precision-engineered gutter guards for homes in Lake Lotawana, ensuring top-tier protection and seamless gutter performance.

Decades of Dedication: With over twenty years committed to serving Lake Lotawana homeowners, Gutter Cover KC® offers dependable and innovative solutions.

Effective Debris Prevention: Our advanced Gutter Guard Advantage® stops debris buildup, maintaining unobstructed water flow across your Lake Lotawana property.

Thorough Property Examination: In-depth inspections help prevent damage, providing customized solutions to preserve your Lake Lotawana home’s integrity.

Reliable and Transparent Services: Clear pricing and skilled craftsmanship guarantee year-round functionality, ensuring hassle-free gutters for your Lake Lotawana residence.

Long-term Reliability: Supported by a lifetime guarantee against clogs, our systems withstand diverse weather conditions, offering continuous protection for Lake Lotawana homes.

Versatile Design Selection: Available in various colors, our gutter systems seamlessly blend with Lake Lotawana’s architectural styles.

Seeking tailored gutter solutions for your Lake Lotawana home? Reach out to Gutter Cover KC® for reliable service and personalized solutions.

Screen with tree growing through it

So, yes, we recommend a solid gutter guard- Advantage Gutter Guard®.

Why? Since it’s solid, it doesn’t let any debris in your gutters- big or small. But, how does the water get in? Advantage Gutter Guard® has a nose-forward design meaning it slightly extends past the edge of your gutter. Utilizing the principle of surface tension water is pulled backward in a reverse-curve direction directly into your gutter. Pretty cool, huh? It also has been third-party tested to handle 3x the amount of rain that the Lake Lotawana area usually gets and to handle the weight of 12 feet of snow! Advantage Gutter Guard® is your permanent gutter guard solution, especially when you see the warranty that comes with it!

Of course, it’s practical and works great, but, how does it look?! Homes in Lake Lotawana are gorgeous and we don’t want to mess that up. The good news is that Advantage Gutter Guard® looks stunning! How can that be? We have a range of 33 color options plus pure copper to choose from, so, whether you want to blend your gutters and guard in with your roofline so they disappear or add some curb appeal “We’ve got you covered!”™ For example, white gutters and guards can act as a piece of crown molding to your home. Black gutters can add an outlined look that complements a modern farmhouse or industrial-style home. Copper is so unique! It can add an old-world charm to European-style homes. Don’t take our word for it though! Check out our portfolio.


The Best Gutter Guard Company For Lake Lotawana

While a great product is fantastic, it is nothing without a trustworthy company behind it. That’s why Gutter Cover KC® prides itself not only in Advantage Gutter Guard® but also with our award-winning customer service. From your first interaction with us scheduling your estimate appointment to the installation, you will see the difference. Check out our reviews to hear from our customers first-hand!

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A reputable company = a trustworthy warranty. We offer a fully transferable lifetime performance warranty with your purchase of Advantage Gutter Guard® that the gutters will remain clean and free-flowing. A no-clog guarantee that if your gutters ever clog, we will remove the debris free of charge. Additionally, we have a 20-year manufacturing warranty on material defects. We are the longest-running gutter protection company in the Kansas City area and have been standing behind our warranty since 2001.

Products And Services We Offer In Lake Lotawana

Gutter Cover Kansas City® is a full-service gutter and gutter guard company. We offer the following products and services:

Advantage Gutter Guard®

A completely solid, heavy gauge aluminum gutter guard. It is your permanent gutter guard solution that includes a Lifetime Warranty that your gutters will never clog.


Available in K-Style or Half-Round design. K-Style Gutters- sometimes called Ogee Style, are a gutter shape that is a classic standard with a decorative curve on the gutter face. Half-round design is slightly more unique and adds that extra touch of curb appeal. We offer both of these styles in aluminum with 33 color options as well as pure copper. They are both seamless and rust-proof.

Half-Round Guttering

Silent Spout®

Silent Spout is an exclusive product designed by the same team as Advantage Gutter Guard®. It has been proven to reduce downspout rain noise by 50%. Our customers have certainly noticed the difference!

Underground Drains

An underground drain is a pipe that connects to the end of your downspout and then disappears underground carrying damaging rainwater far away from your home. We offer underground drain installation with the purchase of gutters or gutter guards.

overflowing clogged gutter

  Guttering Issues We Solve In Lake Lotawana

Gutter Clogs

Clogged gutters don’t just look bad but can bring serious issues such as wood rot, water in your basement and landscaping woes. We solve this with our patented product- Advantage Gutter Guard®- to prevent debris from entering your gutters in the first place.

Undersized Gutters

Gutter size plays a big role in directing water away from your home. If gutters are too small they won’t be able to keep up with the amount of rainwater being dumped into them. We solve this by taking the measurements of your roof into consideration when recommending a gutter size and we offer 6-inch guttering.

Wet Basements

Often times water coming in the basement is caused by malfunctioning gutters. If rainwater isn’t being directed away from the home it is pouring over the gutters and around your home, seeping down into the ground, walls, and foundation. We help solve this problem by creating a plan to re-direct the rainwater elsewhere.

Damaged Gutters

Gutters can get damaged by ladders and limbs or can get pulled loose by heavy ice and snow. Our installers will either repair or replace your gutters to make sure they’re doing their job of protecting your home.


Most of us have heard of someone having a close call with a ladder. In fact, ladder-related injuries cause thousands of injuries every year in the U.S. alone. We take this problem away by having our installers, who have been trained in ladder safety, do all the climbing for you.

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