Why Do Weatherby Lake Residents Need a Gutter Guard?

Weatherby Lake residents need a gutter guard because they are surrounded by trees. Notably, the amenities of this beautiful community include mature trees, wooded areas, and nine parks. Also, it abounds with native and ornamental trees. Of course, these trees add to the ambiance and charm of Weatherby Lake. However, trees can cause many maintenance issues if they clog gutters.  Thus, gutter guard protection is important to maintain the structure and beauty of Weatherby Lake homes.

Where do you want to spend your free time? Cleaning gutters, or on Weatherby Lake?

Obviously, as a resident of Weatherby Lake, you desire to spend time at the lake, boating, fishing or swimming.  Additionally, there are an abundance of enjoyable clubs such as a fishing club, gardening club, yacht club, fine art league, and know thy neighbor club. All of these are great venues to pursue hobbies and interests. Surely, you would rather be enjoying your free time in these pursuits rather than constantly cleaning your gutters.

Why is a gutter guard so important for Lake Weatherby residents?

However, gutter maintenance is a must, to keep damaging water away from your home’s exterior and foundation. Clogged gutters cause thousands of dollars in damage to homes. Doing it yourself could result in falling from a dangerous ladder, as well as taking up precious family time.

Protecting your home with a gutter guard just makes sense. It pays for itself, protects your home, keeps you off the ladder and frees up your time. Now, as you may have experienced, not all gutter guards work. Our gutter protection has been successfully keeping gutters clean for over 15 years! It is proven, as experienced by thousands of homeowners in the Kansas City Metro. Just ask your neighbors with installations of Advantage Gutter Guard® on their home. Call for addresses anytime. For a free evaluation of your gutter system and quote for guaranteed, clog free gutter protection call 816-246-7881.