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Protecting Kansas City Homeowners By Keeping Gutters Clean and Water Where it Belongs


Protecting homeowners from water damage and headaches caused by clogged or poorly functioning gutters. Eliminating the stress and cost of wood rot, mold, foundation damage, flooded basements, and the chore of gutter cleaning.



Our 23 point inspection evaluates and ensures the gutter system is safely directing water away from the home. The Gutter Cover™ is a patented and proven gutter protection system that provides peace of mind even in the heaviest rainfall.



Repair or replace existing guttering system to exact standards of performance in directing water away from the home. Install The Gutter Cover™ with a lifetime guarantee that gutters will remain clean and free flowing.


Why Do I Need Gutter Covers?

Imagine 1200 gallons (34 bathtubs full of water) being poured directly onto your homes foundation. That is the volume of water an average size roof produces during a one inch per hour rain fall. That creates damaging pressure to the structure of your home. This same water eats away at your soffit, fascia, window frames and doors. Clogged gutters allow water to directly impact the structural integrity of your home. The Gutter Cover provides a guaranteed solution to clogged gutters. Learn more about why you should keep your gutters clean.

Why is Gutter Protection Better than Gutter Cleaning?

No one wants to be on the roof 24/7 cleaning gutters. Sometimes before you're even off the ladder, leaves have blown back into the gutter. It's often difficult to get them cleaned before a big rain comes. In addition, at least 30,000 people are hurt and 6,000 die from ladder related accidents in the United States per year. Why take the chance? The Gutter Cover provides year round protection and keeps you off the ladder! Our representatives are available now for a consultation on the gutter cover solution for your home. Please call 816-246-7881 or 913-782-7660 for a free consultation.

How Does the Gutter Cover Perform in Heavy Rainstorms?

The Gutter Cover handles heavy rain flow though the physics principle of surface tension. For more information click here

A customer's experience testifies to the powerful performace of the Gutter Cover.